EST. 2000

We’re the biggest club at the University of Sussex with the wildest socials and two massive ski trips each year! Whether you are a veteran snow-goer, or just an eager amateur, Sussex Snow is the right place to cure your cold cravings.

We hold a range of events to suit everyone, from incredible socials and bar crawls to snow dome and tramp park sessions to our huge ski trips. Everyone and anyone is welcome to come and get involved.


Any questions about the upcoming season? Ask one of our committee!

  • Orientation: Skier Ability skier/boarder: Catch me at the X games xoxo Steeze level: 10/10 Fav drink: anything with alcohol Best fancy dress: ABC (anything but clothes) Fun fact: I can do really good burps and like to get my nips out…. 😉

    Charlotte Baker
  • Orientation: Skier Ability: could've gone pro but my knee injury says no Steeze level: 11/10 Fav drink: G+T Best fancy dress: jungle - note the Caterpiller costume Fun fact: I've been shot!

    Gemma McMullan
  • Orientation: Flying Ability skier/boarder: Made the A team at BUDs (came last) Steeze level: 7/10 Fav drink: Anything but shots Best fancy dress: Agents and Aliens, I got mistaken for a bouncer at a French Club and got given loads of ID’s Fun fact: Can withstand a bottle of Hershey's chocolate sauce

    Frodo Chapman
    Club Sec
  • Orientation: Skier but can pose convincingly as a boarder Ability skier/boarder: 6/10 Steeze level: 4/10 Fav drink: £3 doubles Best fancy dress: Agents and Aliens Fun fact: while ski repping in Sierra Nevada i had to take guests to the hospital 9 times in one week (a company record)

    Renee Breckell
    Welfare Sec
  • Orientation: Skier Ability skier/boarder: 6/10 Steeze level: 8/10 Fav drink: Whiskey and Coke (doubles of course) Best fancy dress: Halloween 2020 Fun fact: Seems to have become a thing for my face to be covered in Sharpie by the end of the social. (Catch me at lectures the next day for a giggle.)

    Ellie Pennington
    Social Sec
  • Orientation: Slide both ways Ability skier/boarder: B team skier/ A team boarder Steeze level: 10/10 Fav drink: Melon Bees Knees Best fancy dress: Anything with a dress Fun fact: I built a ski jump and rail in my garden.

    Tom Pratt
    Sports Sec
  • Orientation: swing both ways but look way cooler on my board Ability skier/boarder: 9/10* * if we don't involve jumps lol Steeze level: I’d like to think 7/10 Fav drink: red wine or anything with a % high enough to send me to space Best fancy dress: anything scary with my own SFX I was taught how to hit the rails on my board by an olympic gold medalist snowboarder without realising who he was… My first sentence to him as I stood at the top of the slope shaking was “oh haha do you know what you're doing then?”

    Lovisa Bjurle
    Media Sec
  • Orientation: Skier Ability skier/boarder: 7/10 Steeze level: 4/10 Fav drink: Margarita Best fancy dress: ABC Christmas Fun fact: When in Ibiza this summer I outdrank a group of 4 frat brothers from the US

    Tilly Pennington
    Social Sec