EST. 2000

We’re the biggest club at the University of Sussex with the wildest socials and two massive ski trips each year! Whether you are a veteran snow-goer, or just an eager amateur, Sussex Snow is the right place to cure your cold cravings.

We hold a range of events to suit everyone, from incredible socials and bar crawls to snow dome and tramp park sessions to our huge ski trips. Everyone and anyone is welcome to come and get involved.


Any questions about the upcoming season? Ask one of our committee!

  • Charlotte Baker
  • Gemma McMullan
  • Frodo Chapman
    Club Sec
  • Renee Breckell
    Welfare Sec
  • Ellie Pennington
    Social Sec
  • Tom Pratt
    Sports Sec
  • Lovisa Bjurle
    Media Sec
  • Tilly Pennington
    Social Sec