EST. 2000

We’re the biggest club at the University of Sussex with the wildest socials and two massive ski trips each year! Whether you are a veteran snow-goer, or just an eager amateur, Sussex Snow is the right place to cure your cold cravings.

We hold a range of events to suit everyone, from incredible socials and bar crawls to snow dome and tramp park sessions to our huge ski trips. Everyone and anyone is welcome to come and get involved.


Any questions about the upcoming season? Ask one of our committee!

  • Orientation: Skier Favourite Drink: Vodka Red Bull My first uni ski trip was to Pas and my dignity was left there. From sliding down the slope naked to doing 5 joss shots in a row, it's safe to say I really found myself in Andorra. When I’m not tearing up the slopes you will also find me on the hockey pitch, but snow beats astro any day of the week. This is my second year on committee, going from social sec to President. I will be making sure everything runs smoothly and making sure YOU have the wildest time possible! I look forward to releasing your inner Sussex Snow xoxo Trip Tip: Bring a hip flask and if you wanna go that extra mile… get ski poles with a hipflask in!

    Charlotte Baker
  • Orientation: Skier Favourite Drink: Apple Sourz Fiery at heart and in the hair, I’m up for anything wild, which often gets me into some strange situations… Never without a smashed phone, always down for some wise words, the chaos that is my life led me to Snow, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Second in command after a year of being Welfare, I’m holding the ever-famous snow card, so all plans, purchases and parties are coming through me. Trip Tip: Film as much of it as possible - it might be all you remember!

    Gemma McMullan
  • Orientation: Skier Favourite Drink: Guinness I am your resident computer nerd, I’ve been on 5 Sussex Snow trips in the 4 years I’ve been here, so I know the pistes well and the bars even better. But as the OLDEST member of committee you’ll more than likely catch me with my head in a toilet on the trips - Vodka just doesn’t go down like it used to. As club sec this year, I’ll be helping to organise our legendary ski trips and keeping you all looking fresh with our Sussex Snow merch! Trip Tip: Always get a ticket to the mountain meal, you won’t regret it!

    Rory Slatter
    Club Sec
  • Orientation: Skier Favourite Drink: Lager and Lime Probably never not talking about skiing, to be honest - I’m a big snow fan and love a pint of beer pêche. Definitely the best skier on the mountain. Unsurprisingly, I’ll be your go-to for all things ski, including UK comps and training. Trip Tip: My crucial trip tip is making sure you grab Berocca and whack it in an apple juice once daily, no hangovers on a ski day.

    Rosie Graham
    Ski Captain
  • Orientation: Skier Favourite Drink: Red wine out of the mountains, Vin chaud in the mountains I may be the smallest member of committee but I’ve got a big heart and am always about for a Pryzm pep talk! You’ll find me at every event thanks to my FOMO, usually with a drink or two in hand. I love uni so much that I decided to stay for a fifth year! As welfare sec, I’ll be making sure you’re having fun this year while staying safe, both at home and abroad. I promise to not be a fun sponge. If you need help, advice or just a pick me up, I’m a friendly face to come to. Trip Tip: make a playlist with your friends, download and sync it whilst skiing, GAME CHANGER.

    Chloe 'Chod' Dennis
    Welfare Sec
  • Orientation: Slides both ways, but normally on one plank. Favourite Drink: Rum If you’re a snowboarder then I’ll be your best mate. I like throwing myself off of jumps into big old powder pillows. You’ll find me with a pint in hand dancing on the table at après. I work closely alongside the ski captain to organise events that let us get out in the snow. Whether it’s a trip to the dry slope or a journey to Hemel Hempstead, we will be aiming to get you lot out as much as possible. I will also be organising the race teams and freestylers for events too. Trip Tip: Get up early at least once to get the first lift! Mountain air is the best hangover cure!

    Tom Pratt
    Board Captain
  • Orientation: Skier + Snowboarder (so gnarly) Favourite Drink: Red wineee I’m bad at writing bios. I love dogs and hate ketchup. I am Nordic AF and very handy to have near because I always carry snacks with me everywhere, especially to the clubs - usually a kinder egg surprise, or perhaps an orange that I can peel in the dance floor. I live for snow sports, guitar, ranting about rock music, making friends and talking A LOT. As your media sec this year I will be snappin’ and pappin’ photos of you on our socials, designing the sick merch and media content! I can’t wait to capture all the steazy snow moments on camera this year! Trip Tip: LEARN THE IMPORTANCE OF NAPPING!

    Lovisa Bjurle
    Media Sec
  • Orientation: Skier Favourite Drink: Anything with Tequila You may hear me referred to as Silly Tilly, a nickname obtained after my first ski trip. You’ll never see me without at least one drink in my hand, dancing terribly or wandering off to chat to strangers. On the last ski trip I got caught skiing topless for a GOMAD challenge... not my finest hour. My job is to plan the socials for the year, come up with fancy dress themes and make sure everyone is having as much fun as possible. Ranging from a house party to a (hopeful) night in Chalk, to a Sussex Snow meal or a summer BBQ! Trip Tip: Bring an extra pair of ski socks - you never know when you’ll have to do a sock pint.

    Tilly Pennington
    Social Sec